Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I do have a topic from Tam, of the ever-entertaining Righteous Orbs, but that needs some polishing, so instead you get my usual ramble.

Lyllea is now 77. I finally managed to complete Escape from Silverbrook, a quest that has thwarted my ambitions of getting the Grizzly Hills quest achievement for many months now. Of course, I got it on Lyllea, not Garetia, but the amount of lore that quest unlocks is really interesting, and it's nice to do something I haven't before. I need to get her cooking up to 350 (mostly so I can learn the recipes sitting in my bank) but she's got the cooking achievement for Winter's Veil done, so no rush. I also hit WG in an attempt to get the pvp aspect done, and well, let's just say that I go squish quickly.

It did occur to me that I want Merrymaker on both Garetia and Lyllea. Garetia because, well, Winter's Veil, Lunar Festival, the Valentine's day one, and Orphan's week and she's got the drake, and Lyllea more or less just because. Lyllea will probably end up with both the patient title and the pug, which kinda makes me sad for Garetia. But on the other hand, the idea of pugging that much would likely drive me insane, so I'll think I'll just try to be happy with one toon having the nifty dog.

I did dualspec Adowa, the pally, and she is now next on the list to level, once I get her professions up to Outlands. I also should probably learn to heal, and I'm considering going prot/holy and just leveling through instances. Or even, and this is likely over-ambitious, leveling Adowa through dungeons and leveling Monera (the druid) through questing and switching back and forth as I get tired of one or the other. I do have enough heirlooms for both (though I need to get the plate shoulders), but there's no rush to level. I think Lyllea will be taking most of my time for quite a while to come.

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