Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tam's Syphilis Post

So your topic is tales from your levelling days that epitomise playing a hunter for you.

There are a couple of stories...

First off, Trick-or-treating. Garetia was level 22 or so, and this was before you could get mounts at that level. I got it into my head that I wanted to trick or treat the entire Eastern Kingdoms for the achievement. So I grabbed my trusty cat Llofios (since released into the wild), hit Aspect of the Cheetah, and started running. I had no idea where most things were and spent quite a bit of time alt-tabbing out to figure out where to go and how to get there. Now, aspect of the cheetah may make you run faster, but you also get dazed if you get hit, so running away becomes a bit challenging. I have these vivid memories of frantically running through Alterac, aggroing something, and leaving my pet to defend me (and die) while I continued to run away. I actually managed to get all of them but the plaguelands done without a ghost run, but getting to Light's Hope was just impossible. I ended up researching how to do a ghost run (check Jan's archives for an explanation) and while I was up there I picked up a dragonhawk.

Second, while I was leveling, and for a while afterwards, I had to be special. The dragonhawk pet was unique for a long time (as in I didn't see another Alliance with one), but by level 50ish or so, I'd decided to go for a rare spawn pet. I did my research (thank you petopia) and decided on the white wind serpent in Feralis. I wandered around for quite a while before I got him, and was insanely proud. I did eventually release him back into the wild (wtb more stable slots plz Blizz), but I do have very fond memories of wandering around looking for him.

I find it kind of amusing that my hunter experience is so wrapped up in pets, since I started a hunter thinking they would be like the LotRO hunters, who have traps and use bows, but have no pets. I was rather happy when I did finally learn I could have a pet, mostly because till that point I was dying a lot. So much, in fact, that for a short while last fall, my now much-neglected mage was my main. That's right, the mage who I find frustrating because she dies frequently was actually less death-prone than my hunter. Of course, once I got a pet (a cat from the Exodar, not an owl from Teldrassil like I had originally wanted and kinda still want), my hunter became my much-loved main. Now that I'm in the process of switching mains, I find I miss having that pet padding along besides me, ready to protect me if I go afk and ready to take the blows for me.

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  1. You have a tag called Tam's fault! I think I'm flattered :) Thank you for the fantastic syphillis post - the image of you huntarding it up through Alterac is priceless :)

    I've recently started a hunter - I'm agonising over pet choices and finding it insanely fun :) (I do seem to keep running out of ammo though!)