Thursday, December 24, 2009

I can now tell you what dungeon I am about to enter by the loading screen...

That should tell you just how many dungeons I've run in the past 2 days. I've gotten some upgrades, lost out on some upgrades (grumble mage with lucky dice winning all my healy gear), and can now queue for heroic POS. And every time I see POS, I think piece of shit, which I don't think it deserves. I rather like it, mostly because ooh, shiny purples in normal!

I've even gotten to dps as shadow, and managed to break 1k. With no to hit at all, and completely in disc gear, I figure that isn't bad.

The next couple of days will probably be a combination of pugging till my brain melts, then rep grinding and holiday stuff. I don't have any toons exalted with Hodir, but Garetia's pretty close so I'll finish the grind on her. Lyllea's new i245 shoulders need a shiny enchant to go with their shiny epic gem, after all. I've gotten criticized for not having all my gear enchanted, which seems silly to me. I enchant stuff when I think I'm going to keep it for a while. Otherwise, I'll stick gems in it (since gems don't really cost me anything) and call it a day.

Currently my gearing philosophy is... does it have more int? (if yes, then MINE!) does it have more spellpower? (if I'm not losing int, then MINE!) does it have to hit? (if yes, then not mine unless no other clothies, then oooh, offpsec). I'm using ratingbuster and Pawn (I have strings for shadow above hit cap, shadow below hit cap, disc throughput and disc mana pool). Since I don't know which role I'll be taking in a raid (though I'm guessing damage mitigation and extra raid heals), I don't really know which one to prioritize.

As I understand it, tank healing focuses on throughput (powerful heals=good) and damage mitigation focuses on mana pools (since you're throwing many more spells and shields). I could have that wrong, just to warn you, since running all these dungeons has kinda made my brain melt.

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