Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Putting the Ammo Thing in perspective for non-hunters

I got pointed to this thread on hunters and I noticed that many of the non-hunters posting didn't really understand the complaints. Now, I am not hugely upset about the ammo thing, just kinda annoyed, but I thought that maybe this might help some non-hunters understand why so much QQ.

Imagine, if you will, that to cast a spell, any spell, you need Pixie Dust. And to hit someone with a weapon, you need Weapon Polish. Every time you cast a spell or hit someone you use up one Pixie Dust or Weapon Polish. Once you run out, you can't cast spells or hit things till you get more. The basic stuff comes from vendors, but to get the dps/spellpower a raiding guild expects, you have to get an enchanter or a blacksmith to make special dust or polish for you. Oh, and each kind of weapon requires its own kind of polish, and healing and damage spells need different kinds of dust as well.

Now, originally you got special bags to store this stuff and it stacked in hundreds. Then one magical day, the developers told you that soon you wouldn't need it anymore, that they'd be getting rid of it entirely. Then, a bit later, they said that the code was very complicated and it'd take longer to get rid of it, but in the meantime they'd make it stack in thousands so you wouldn't need that special bag anymore.

Now, in 3.3, they announce new dust and polish. But wait, there's a couple of hitches. First off, your friendly BS must have the right specialization for the kind of polish you need. And so must your enchanter friend for the kind of dust you need (okay, enchanters don't have specializations, but work with me here). Second, they have to be Honored with a new faction just to get the pattern. So, that handy alt whose BS you leveled so you didn't have to hit the AH just to hit things, well, they're not useful anymore. Oh, and the awesome enchanting guildie, well, you'd better hope they're either the right spec or willing to switch for you. And at a cost of 150g, that respec does not come cheap.

Of course, you can always go back to using the vendor-crafted stuff, but that would make your spells and hits less powerful. Some guilds and raid leaders will likely be okay with that, and some won't. Oh, and if you get a shiny new weapons upgrade, you'd better hope that it's the same kind of weapon, cause you can't use all that axe polish you have on a sword.

So there you go. Thats why hunters bitch so much about ammo.

As far as the pet scaling thing goes, well, 10% to 40% of our dps does not scale. (A pet is about 10% of a marksman's damage, and about 40% of a beast master's damage). I think you can understand why some might be miffed about that.

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