Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The State of Things a Week after 3.3

I've been loving the new LFG tool, even though I haven't gotten much of a chance to play since 3.3 hit. It's really helping me improve my healing skills, and let's face it, healing a tank your own level through stuff is quite a bit different than healing a lvl 80 geared tank. It's giving me loads of practice in the "oh shit" category.

I have yet to set foot in the new instances, mostly because well, I'll be farming the heck out of them on the priest, and don't want to bore myself. Also, for what my guild is currently doing, Garetia's gear is adequate, and since I will be switching mains, it doesn't make any sense to gear her further. I've already let the other hunter in guild know that he gets first dibs on drops, but I must remember to let the guild leadership know as well.

I did get bored at an event over the weekend and checked the priest's gear score. It's not bad, I think (I'm not sure what a level 75's gear score should be), and I found it interesting that it placed Violet Hold in the challenging section. Since I've now successfully healed it, go me!

And last but not least, a bit of luck that made me happy. The night of the patch, I picked up an Enchanted Broom for 1000g in the AH. After seeing another toon with it, I decided to resell it (didn't like the look of it). I made 1000g profit off it, yay! I'm not a big AH player (mostly just sell what I've farmed), but I do keep an eye on certain things, like the pet market, the uncut epic gem market, and the market for certain glyphs.

Speaking of certain glyphs, there is apparently a new glyph that makes the mage's water elemental a real pet. I will have to go get this for my mage as soon as humanly possible. Maybe having a pet will make her easier to level.

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