Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well, 3.3 is here, and I for one welcome our new overlords. Or something. I did have a nice ooh, nifty things in patch notes list, but well, there was eating by blogger and then there was WoW cannot install this patch (and now there is repairing and cursing) , so instead I give you the random things I'm thinking about on this, the last content patch before Cat.

1. What addons do I really really need? A major patch is always a good time to try new addons, get rid of ones I'm not using, and generally winnow things down.

2. When will the stupid repair utility be done, and will it fix my problem?

3. Will I have to reset all 3rd party things (and what a nightmare that will be)?

4. Do I know both a goblin and a gnome engineer? (My pally's goblin, but she is 60 so not much help there)

5. Will I actually bother with the new ammo? (Okay, probably not. After all, I haven't been bothering to pick up the crafted in quite a while)

6. Do I have the stamina to PUG enough groups to get the pug pet?

7. Does this mean I don't have to go back to TOC? (For the love of God, please let it be so. I don't mind the 5 man so much, but 10 man is BLEGH)

8. Does this new PUG thing mean I can get to 80 by dungeon running and only dungeon running? Probably not. If nothing else, there are factions I need to unlock.

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