Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ah, yes. Hit cap, my old nemesis.

It's been a nice week of drops for Lyllea. Got enough frost for the violet drape cloak (which is bis for disc right now), and the idea of me having a BIS anything is well, weird. Awesome, but weird. Oh, and VOA 10/25 were ridiculously kind and now I have a pvp set. I've never had one of those before.

In theory I'm going on a 25 man tonight, and a Sarth 3d zerg tomorrow, so I've been spending the past few days optimizing gear. Oh, and I got the Nevermelting Ice Crystal from H Pos, so I can finally retire my trusty Sapphire Owl. It'd be even nicer if I could use it in my shadow spec as well, but both of my blue trinkets add to hit. Stupid hit cap. I miss my hunter talents for lowering it. Part of my current problem with hit cap?

My disc set and my shadow set share a lot of gear between them. I can put Icewalker on my boots, since I'm not really sacrificing anything to do so, but once I start switching out gems I risk gimping my heal power. On the one hand it's really nice that I can use a lot of gear for both, because otherwise my shadow spec would probably stink more than it does, but on the other it does make gemming a bit more of a challenge.

And yeah, I could run heroics till I'm blue in the face, but I kinda ran into a problem there. There's been a lot of failing lately, and I think it's my fault. From the time I hit 80, the dungeon finder has looked at my gear, snickered, then stuck me with overgeared people. Well, now I appear to have joined the overgeared club and I am not so good at healing undergeared/appropriately geared people. Especially when I get an undergeared tank and melee dps, things don't seem to go well. And when I fail at healing CoS and HoL, my healing confidence goes into the dumpster. I'm thinking the dps queue may be my friend for a bit. I can practice shadow, and not worry about my healing skills. Plus I can quest while waiting and get a bit more gold. I could certainly use it.

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