Saturday, January 9, 2010

There are good PUGs and bad PUGS...

I've been pugging up a storm on Lyllea, and I've discovered a pattern. The first heroic of the day will suck. The tank will let the mobs eat my face, dps will pull half the instance at once, and everyone will expect to be rezed after a wipe.

And then the rest of the pugs are good. Some are awesome. I had a Halls of Stone run where I never went below 80% mana (might have something to do with the 25k mana pool), and I was actually happy to have a warlock life tapping cause it gave me something to do. Plus, when I accidentally butt-pullled a pat, tank picked it up immediately and the mobs went squish.

I've also dipped my toe into the lower level pugging. I tried Ramparts twice on my pally, once as dps and once as heals. And what luck, I got to encounter that rare species Leetist Tankus Dickus, subspecies Mortus Militis. He called us all noobs repeatedly, tried to boot the lvl 57 shaman, couldn't hold aggro, and insulted the healer (the same shaman) repeatedly for dying so much. I left that group in a hurry, after telling the shaman that he was doing well (he was) and to pay no attention to the tank. Then I tried again, got Clueless Mortis Militis this time, and well, a new healer and a clueless tank do not make for any sort of a smooth run. I am now surprisingly motivated to figure out pally tanking just to save myself from newbie DK tanks.

Needless to say, I was rather expecting the worst when I tried pugging on the much neglected warlock, and was pleasantly surprised. Two runs of Scarlet Graveyard, everything went squish, and I was probably the worst one in both groups. Note to self, take some time to figure out what your spells are before going into queue, or you will have situations like the paladin asking you why you aren't using Rain of Fire (I forgot I had it).

I can't help wondering if the Outlands pugs are going to be this bad forever as people decide that the queues for dps are too long, take their much-neglected DKs, and decide to tank. I really hope not, but if they are, at least all my current toons at those levels can respec and tank.

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