Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you this special breaking news...

Are you prepared... FOR SNOW!

This is what the news has been full of for the past few days. Everyone's running to get milk and bread, even if they normally don't consume either. Me, I have tortillas in the fridge (those things keep forever) and a big jar of peanut butter. Also, my food powered fuzzy blanket warmer (also referred to as a puppy) is ready to go.

Yeah, it's got nothing to do with WoW, but after spending nigh on 2 hours trying to figure out why the Sims 3 wouldn't run (my nvidia driver and it don't play nicely), I needed a bit of a break.

As my grandmother used to say..."There's a reason native Southerners don't go out in the snow. The roads are full of former Northerners." (Snow in GA is nothing like snow in MA and tends to involve much more ice and much less fluffy white)

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