Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow, just wow.

Raid last night was, well, terrifying and overwhelming and incredibly impressive. I now feel like a complete and total noob, and I fear the other healers had to carry me. But I will do my research, and practice, and hopefully next time will be better. There was apparently a wws report done, so I will look over that. Also I need to remember to fear ward the tank on Ony. Very important, that.

I did have some mana problems, especially on Beasts and Faction Champs, and ended up having to switch my badge trinket back in to up my mana pool.

But enough of that, have some pretty pictures...

The Malygos fight is just really gorgeous. I spent all of phase 3 dead thanks to a disconnect on phase 2. I've decided this is a good thing, since it meant no one could see how fail I am at dragon driving.

One of my 3 new shiny achievements.

Another one. I didn't catch the Ony fight one, sadly.

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