Thursday, February 4, 2010

I should be running heroics like mad to pick up the other 2 tier 9 pieces for my disc set and all 4 for my shadow spec. But I really can't face the Sanity Tap.

I suppose the new patch is something to talk about, but I don't remember seeing any earthshaking changes, and I won't be seeing the new bit of ICC any time soon.

So, in a wow rut again. I did get my DK to 65 (yay Terokar forest, great leveling zone, lots of clumped and overlapping quests) and she is now a grand master enchanter. Shockingly I am having fun playing her. I have my rotation down pat, and I love blood spec. Self-heals are awesome. She might actually be my next toon to 80, and will likely be the next toon to get dualspec (so I can tank and try the other two trees). I do need to sit down and figure out what dungeons she should be running for the beginnings of a tank set.

I think Tamarind was right on the money with Letting Go of the Joneses, and I think that's what's causing part of my problem. I am a fits and spurts kind of person, it's the way I've always done things, and endgame gearing doesn't really lend itself well to that. I can only do the same thing for so many days in a row before I say "Screw it" and go do something else. I could run around Dalaran looking for someone to make me the Bejeweled Wizard Bracers (since I spent 1600g + 500 lost g for the mats), or I could level someone. Or catch up on my hulu queue while reading webcomics, or make a Wow wallpapers Windows 7 theme. So why exactly would I go run a dungeon that I've run a hundred times before just to get some badges to replace my Ulduar 10 head and TOC 5man boots? After all, those are darn nice boots, even if I did have to put a to hit enchant on them.

Yeah, motivation. I lack that. And since I can't go on the Positive Push raid this week (hello Imbolc, my favorite pagan holiday), I'm just sitting.

But if anyone would like to get me two pieces of shadow tier 9 as a birthday present, I certainly wouldn't object. It'd distract me from trying to figure out the int vs spellpower mana question. Or figure out how to optimize my shadow spec, gear, and rotation so that I have the dps to participate in a Sarth 3d zerg.

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