Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Will Buff You When I GET THERE!

I am completely stealing Big Bear Butt's latest blog post and sharing my own experience with "special" pugs.

I ran Heroic Halls of Reflection last night as shadow (you couldn't pay me enough to heal that thing), and well, it was "special" to say the least. It took us 3 tanks to get through the gauntlet (apparently the other two dps had not heard of kill order and the third tank hadn't heard of shackle undead for riflemen), and it was after our second wipe in the run that the following occurred. I was running back in (since the tree had died and because that's my default action upon party wipe) and I see...
tank: priest buffs
I keep running, and wonder briefly how the space goat tank got in before my NE.
tank: Priest Buffs!
me: I'm not there yet.
I keep running, and just as everyone (apparently the tree was soulstoned and rez'd everyone else) comes into range...
warlock: priest buffs
me: underwater breathing!
me: *hit all three buffs*
I did not get underwater breathing, sadly.

Then, on the second wave of undead, as we're in combat...
warlock: druid buffs
me: *puzzled, continues to melt faces like mad and kinda wishes that skada was working so I could see if the warlock was actually attempting to dps and type*
warlock: druid buffs?
warlock: druid?
warlock: hey, the druid put me on ignore.
me: *snicker*

We did get through the place, but well, I feel that there should be a small set of common politeness rules for buffing/asking for buffs...
1. Do not ask during combat. Do your job. You can live without that buff for a bit. There is no automatic win buff.
2. After a wipe, make sure that the person you're badgering is in range and visible before pestering.
3. Allow for drinking after buffs. I have three party buffs and it takes a chunk of my mana to give all of them. You want all of them, I know you do.
4. If you want something specific (like might from a pally when he's just given kings to everyone) be willing to accept no as an answer. Do not pester. And while we're at it, asking politely "My dps improves significantly with might, could I have that instead of kings please?" will get you much farther than "MIGHT!"


  1. **Not Snotty, Tam who is sadly forbidden for commenting due to your draconian settings**

    Heh, I had a newly combat-rezzed tank asking for a fortitude buff in the middle of 25-man Marrowgar the other night... I was "I'm kind of busy healing atm, but as soon as I have a minute.."


    This is the dark secret. Without that fortitude buff, they're basically squishy ;)

  2. I blame blogger for the comment thing. But hopefully it is fixed now.

    Aha! That explains so much. Now if we could just convince the plate dps that fort is not the instant "I can tank!" button many of them seem to think it is, we'd be golden.

  3. Anonymity turns people into horrible little fuckers.