Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines!

This was my valentines' present to myself. Is it not nifty? Okay, so nine other people helped, but without me the tank would have died much sooner...

Sadly I lost the roll on the drake, but there's always next week. And the Lunar Festival has started, and I love this one. Love is in the Air I can take or leave, Winter's Veil was kinda eh, but yay Lunar.

Oh, and I want to point out a nifty addon called Talented while I'm at it. It allows you to do many nifty things with specs, like importing them from armory or wowhead urls and then using them as templates for leveling or respecing. No more alt-tabing between windows to respec for me! And no more specing a toon, leveling them, and then not being able to remember where the next talent point goes!

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