Monday, February 22, 2010

Leveling and Guild Websites

Mages are so much more fun when you level them in dungeons. Whee Blizzard everything!

Yeah, so I spent my week leveling toons. The druid's now 65 and has gone to the broccoli side, the shammy hit 30 (and there will be a sum-up post about that) and the mage hit 28. Also, the mage is a little aggro magnet of DOOM, and I was very thankful there was a good priest healer willing to trade bubbles for water in both runs I did.

I'm still working up the courage to tank on the DK, and I need to find the BC raiding guild on my server so I can sign up the tree with them.

I've also become an officer in my guild in charge of old world/outlands runs, the website (I have to make one), and whatever else I see that needs doing. There are only 3 officers (including me) that log on on a regular basis right now so there's quite a bit that needs doing, especially with our esteemed guild leader trying to plan her wedding.
So blog posts may be short on the ground for a bit while I figure all this stuff out.

Which leads me to a question: What should a good guild site have?
So far I have...
Code of Conduct
Raiding Loot Rules (and raiding rules in general)
Calendar (if I can figure out how to sync it with the ingame one)
Place for people to talk
Listing of Professions
Alt Listing

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