Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Having dipped my toe into the Lunar festival, I have noticed something rather annoying. Last year I got eastern kingdoms, outlands, and kalimdor done on Garetia, as well as the low-level dungeon ones and one northrend one.
Well, they reset them, so I have to go run those dungeons (and hit Valience Keep) all over again. Not a huge thing, but kinda annoying. But at least the dungeons and northrend are the only things keeping me from the Elder title on her. And I now know to get all the elders for a given achievement or not bother. I need to get them on Lyllea (and possibly all but the Northrend ones on Llonya), mostly because I like this holiday and it's a good excuse to go get some mining done and get Explorer done.

In other news, I was inspired by this week's Scattered Shots to try extreme soloing again. I picked me up a turtle (one of the ones in Duskswallow) and wandered into regular Nexus to try to grab the Elder. Probably should have leveled him to 80 first, because he was taking way too much damage for me to keep up. So that's now part of this week's project, along with getting Garetia all the elders and working more on Loremaster of Northrend (for the gold). I'm more or less ignoring Love is in the Air, since a) I don't like it much, and b) I don't like the title.

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