Monday, August 30, 2010

BETA: thus far (talent tree spoiler)

I'm going to put BETA in all posts discussing any aspect of the beta, so that people can avoid spoilers.  If I need to do more, please let me know.  I am going to try to avoid discussion of plot and zone changes as much as I can, but if something is OMG Amazing, well, I may not be able to resist squeeing.

thus far there has been a great deal of waiting to download, some crashing, some cowering, and a few nifty discoveries. I have yet to make it to a new zone (heck I'm having issues just getting Lyllea out of Northrend), but I have learned some important things.

One, Darnassus was not a good place to have Lyllea parked when I transfered her. I actually had to retransfer her (once I moved her to Dal), because she was stuck. I'm now having issues trying to make it off the continent via portal to Stormwind. My baby mage is also in Stormwind, and I can't load her either, but I suspect that has more to do with lack of zone info (the download's not complete) then anything else.

Two, beta is buggy. Very buggy.  Like randomly not being able to click on anything buggy. Like cowering every time you log in buggy. Like, um, crashing the game by casting levitate buggy.  Yes, buggy.  Did I mention the bugs? Good thing Blizz has me to point them out, right? Well, me and about 50k other people.

Three, the talent trees. Weird. I'm still getting used to the idea that you kinda have to fill out rows.

Without further ado... Random Screencaps!  Because I can.
The talent tree, to explain what I mean by filling out the rows.  That's shadow.

Dal under construction.

Power Word: Stand in the shiny for once


  1. Oh yay, the stand in the shiny looks totally obviously shiny! It doesn't look like anything you are supposed to avoid. Compare that to the green stink-fumes of death for efflorescence (druid stuff).

  2. It reminds me of a static holy fire cast, which kinda makes me happy.

    Wait, stinky green stuff? Yeah, that's going to be tough to convince people to stand in. I can see it now...

    "Stand in the green!"
    "But standing in stuff on the floor is bad."
    "Stand in the gorram green stuff so I can heal you!"
    "You're just trying to trick me. Floor stuff=BAD."
    And another tree gets to work on that healing stupid ulcer.