Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GQuitting should be more dramatic

Yup, Lyllea left Silver Dragoons this morning. She's going to Murderotica where they run 10 mans and 25 mans in conjunction with another guild, raids start on time, and they have fun.  In fact, I hopped on their vent for my trial and thought for a moment I'd gotten onto SD's instead.  I wanted fun raiding, with a side order of competency, and both 10s and 25s and they have it.

Now for a flashback...
When I started raiding on my hunter (and first 80) I raided with SD.  At the time, we had enough people to run 10s and even run 25s with another guild. I have very fond memories of the fun we had then, and Murderotica's raid reminded me of that time, when I was a noobish hunter constantly running oom and trying my best to hit the top of the meters while squealing at new shines.

Murderotica may not be horribly progressed (11/12 icc 10, not sure on 25 but I know Positive Push is further along and they're 11/12) but the lure of having a blast while raiding trumps progression, at least for me.  Plus I might actually get to see Ruby Sanctum, without pugging.  I'm not sure I want to pug any place that requires crowd control.

Other stuff:
There's a guild on my server selling rusted proto-drake runs.  I want.  I want really badly.  That drake and the skeletal blue one are the best-looking mounts in the expansion, imho, plus I want to see all of Ulduar.  It's 20k, so I need to start playing the AH instead of dabbling in it.  So far I'm selling...
1) Cut epic gems (including the ones I get from transmuting)
2) Netherweave bags (my shaman's finally high enough in tailoring to make them and while the profit margin isn't huge, they do sell very reliably)
3) Enchanting mats (and some enchants)
4) Vellums
 I'm considering dipping my toe in the Darkmoon Faire deck market again, but I suspect the most profit is to be made by assembling complete decks, getting the trinkets, and selling them, rather than selling the decks or single cards.  That makes this into more of a long-term project.

Since I have Alchemy, JCing, Enchanting, Inscription, Herbalism, and Mining all maxed on at least one toon, I figure I should be able to make a nice chunk of change. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. You really have to want something really bad to spend 20k for a run. I would love to have one of those vendor mammoths but they just cost way to much to justify spending that kind of money, especially with a new expansion coming around the corner and my fetish for alts.

    But if you can make that money on a constant bases then go for it I say.

  2. I've never tried to make this kind of gold before, but I generally have 5-6k gold unless I've bought epic flying for an alt recently.

    And I figure with my plan to focus on mining/jcing when Cat hits, rather than leveling like mad, a 310% speed mount will be really useful.