Sunday, August 29, 2010


So I have beta access.

Yeah, just before DragonCon, I get beta access. I think Blizz may be torturing me.

But I have transfered over Lyllea and my baby mage so far, and will probably try a pregen hunter.  Lyllea was an obvious choice, being the main and all, and the mage will give me an idea of how the leveling experience is mid-range.  Most of what I've seen is focused on the starting zones and end-game, so I figure finding out about the middle might be good.

Any requests? Anything you really want to know, want screencaps of, or just my opinion on? Number-crunching isn't my forte, but I can tell you stuff like "shadow priests feel op" or "wow, focus is annoying" or "gah, disc not so fun anymore".  Not really hard number stuff, but it gives you an idea of things (and the three above are random examples and may or may not be true. I dunno, I just started the download).

This doesn't mean I'll stop playing Wraith. It just means I have slightly more to talk about and that my boredom is less.  Both are good things imho.  And there's stuff I still want to do in Wraith, like get the boomkin to 80 (78 and leveling), and prepare for Cat and um, possibly level the shaman more.  Dunno if I'll get to that or not.

And I got to do a few Ulduar hard modes this week, which made me happy. 4 towers FL is hard, even in ICC gear.  The flowers keep eating our faces. Not much else to say, frantically prepping for DragonCon. Not sure why I thought dressing as a draenei would be a good idea, but now I have to find horns and makeup.

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