Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For RL sanity!

We interrupt this normal blog post to bring you this breaking news...

My life is extremely stressful right now, and WoW is adding to the stress rather than decreasing it. Lyllea is not yet 85 (6 bars away) and I have not been on in 3 days. So instead of insightful commentary on healing heroics, or something, I give you random screenshots.

I found this in my screenshot folder. It seemed to fit this post perfectly.
I have an octopus on a stick! Best RP weapon ever. All of this gear has now been replaced, but I am keeping the octopus on a stick. I even named him Stanley. Every priest who dabbles in darkness should have one!

This quest amused me greatly. Oh, and someone get Hastur off my head, please.

I have no idea what the heck is going on in this screenshot. No clue at all, but it looks nifty.

Deepholm is ridiculously beautiful in places.

It's the yellow box graphic bug of DOOM!

It really really annoys me that my armor clashes with my hair and I can't change my hair to match. Seriously, I am so glad I spend most of my leveling time in shadow. WTB red or black hair dye please!

Again, Deepholm is pretty.
 I hope to have things settled and my stress level decreased by the weekend, at which point I get to start gearing up. Good thing I like the Deepholm dailies, right?

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