Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First Night in Cat

First there was...
 Then a lot of staring at a log-in screen
 Then I got to the docks and took a boat
 Then a kraken tried to eat me
 Then I ran Gundrak with guildies to get a guild achieve, a bit of XP (but a very little bit) and some guild XP.
 Then there was a priest (not me) tanking the trash in Blackrock Spire, which was very entertaining. Gotta love really good heals (again not me) and an insanely talented shadow priest.

Then it was back underwater and time for some hardcore leveling. Vash'jir? is very lovely.

And it would have been far easier to level if my quest log had actually told me about quests. Oh well, thanks to the addon Lightheaded (which loads wowhead's quest comments for you) I did okay.

In the process of wandering around there was a ding!
And now I'm trying to figure out how to get back to the beginning of the zone to do the quests I skipped. Sadly, this seems to be beyond me atm, especially since I can't remember the name of the beginning place. Oh well, I shall figure it out.

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