Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's been a crazy, crazy week

In RL, not in WoW. In WoW, well....there was an awesome fun run and I got some nifty achieves. Personally I'm the most fond of More Dots, since I was shadow at the time.

I'm starting to come to terms with holy. Most of my frustration is, well, mana. My current philosophy is "tank near full, dps gets a renew if I have extra mana, otherwise they fend for themselves unless they're under half health and the tank is good". I may need to rethink that keeping the tank near full, and just go for tank above half.

As far as gear goes, my list goes...
int>spirit>haste>mastery>crit> to hit.  I'm reforging to add spirit whenever possible, and while I know this gear priority isn't ideal for shadow (shadow likes crit more than mastery), I figure it'll work for the moment.

Rep wise, I'm doing the dailies for Therazane (aka Hodir for Cat), and wearing the Earthen Ring tabard so I can get those sexy purple cloth gloves. I'm revered with both, and I'm hoping to get exalted soon. I'll likely keep checking on the Therazane dailies even after I'm exalted though, since I want the baby earth elemental pet. Oh, and if you're having problems with that quest, hug the right wall. Trust me, it works.

Then I need to make some decisions. Wildhammer has a nice neck, Hyjal has my head enchants and a purple waist, but I need to unlock them and do the zone, and Ramkahen has purple shoes and a camel. Probably I'll be doing Hyjal (since ooh spirit on the waist), and running dailies for Wildhammer. Meanwhile, the druid's leveling slowly, and sending all her herbs to Garetia for leveling alchemy.  I want access to that truegold transmute, darn it!

So, that's where I stand atm. Hope everyone had a happy new year, and here's hoping 2011's a bit brighter than 2010!

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