Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Current To-Do List

Okay, this is mostly because I'm getting myself confused, and needed to write this down somewhere.

First Goal: Get Lyllea raid-ready. To do this I need to/should probably...
a)unlock Hyjal and start that rep grind. Ideally I'd be at exalted when I start raiding. While I'm at it, I should probably start running Wildhammer dailies and figure out if Ramwhatever has dailies and unlock those.
b)get therazane and earthen ring to exalted
c)either level Monera's inscription to get This great holy offhand or get the mats and get a guildie to do it. I already have 4 of the inks needed, and all of the volatiles. 4 more inks would be 800 gold, or I can keep herbing and buying up cheap herbs when I see them.
d)get enchanted. I've been slacking on this, partly because I have to level the DK to get mats and I don't really wanna level more in Northrend. Been there, done that way too many times.
e) actually run heroics and normals. I've been avoiding doing this, but with the first raid in a couple of weeks, I REALLY can't put it off any more.
f) Building two gear sets, one for holy and one for shadow. This isn't horribly urgent, since I know I'll be healing in raids to start with, but it'd be nice to at least have a hit-capped gear set.
g) Redoing my shadow spec to pick up silence.
h) Get rawr working and have a gear upgrades list ready to go.

Second Goal: rebuild my professions web. There's some overlap here with getting Lyllea ready. For this I need to...
a) level Monera's inscription and herbalism, since she's the current leveling alt. While I'm at it, I'll be attempting to get her heroic-ready.
b) level Garetia's alchemy for access to metagem and truegold transmutes. This may or may not involve actually leveling her. I'm not sure if Alchemy has some recipes locked in Twilight Highlands or not.
c) look into the other professions (enchanting, leatherworking, blacksmithing, tailoring, ect.) and see what I feel I'm going to need. Tailoring, enchanting, and leatherworking are all on toons that have to be leveled to be useful at this point, so they're probably on the back-burner.
d) Actually remember to do the cooking daily on Lyllea, Monera, Garetia, and possibly Eiunn. Also need to remember to do the fishing daily on Lyllea and Garetia (Lyllea for the skill points and Garetia for the pet).
e) Get Lyllea all the gem cuts she and Monera will need. Then pick up gem cuts for other alts as I level them. This means hitting EJ and looking at what fashionable priests and druids are socketing this season.

Third Goal: get my UI cleaned up. This is probably going to involve a complete rebuild, starting by backing up all my addons and settings, then reinstalling what I think I can't live without. I know I'd like to find an addon that can replace mfclip and hotcandy, as well as show me feral dots. I might try a new bar mod, and I'm certainly going to find a new buff mod, or just not use one at all. This'll probably end up being a blog post or two. It's really high past time I rebuilt my UI from first principles, and a new raiding season's as good a time as any to do it.

Fourth Goal: look at pvp. Seriously, I haven't even set foot in Tol Barad or a bg since Cat hit (except for a very brief Strands match).

Fifth Goal: Don't panic, remember it's a game, and have fun!

Sixth Goal: Get Lyllea a special mount. I don't care which one, I just want a nifty flying mount. Skyguards, Netherwing, and raid drakes are all possibilities. I may even get lucky and win a roll on one in a guild fun run. And I'd like to push Garetia to 50 mounts and 100 pets. She's been at 46 and 92 for a long time, and it'd be nice to hit that.

Obviously this is a ton of things to do, and I don't think I'm going to have all this done any time soon. But hopefully getting it all written out will stop me from logging on, running some dailies, and then going "crap, what am I supposed to be doing?"

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