Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My redone UI (thus far)

I spent a hour or so on this tonight, and so far Lyllea's, Anput's, and Eiunn's UIs are doneish. Here we have a few before and after shots...
Eiunn, the shaman. Before....

Eiunn's after. I still need to fiddle with Sexymap to make it match better

Lyllea's, in shadow, before

Lyllea's, also in shadow, after. Vuhdo's not completely set-up, I do not want it in the middle of my screen as shadow, but that's tomorrow's fix.

I've gone from 70+ addons to 40ish, which I think is good, and I like the switch to the lighter grey color-scheme. Also, that spell timer isn't visible all the time, I just hadn't locked it when I took the cap.


  1. Very pretty indeed - my UI is most assuredly not pretty. But whatever works, right? Just out of curiosity where are you intended to put Vuhdo. There doesn't seem to be a natural place for it in the artwork.

  2. Sadly, there never is in my UIs. I just don't have enough screen space at the bottom. (or enough screen space, period. Playing on a laptop does have disadvantages, after all.)

    Generally vudho stays in the middle of the screen (just above my bars but not high enough to impede viewing of my feet) in healing specs (you can sort of see where it goes on the shaman's pic under the achieves), and it'll go over on the right side when I'm in a dps spec.
    My rule of thumb for UIs tends to be stick the most important stuff as close to my feet(without blocking my view of bad stuff) as possible. Less eye travel equals faster reflexes, less tunnel vision, and less eye strain.