Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay I get to BUBBLE AGAIN!

Things are going well, all in all. RL's been very stressful and busy, so blogging was not a priority. Yup, I am a bit fail.

Murderotica's downed Magmar, and we're working on him again this week. We've made it to lvl 13 as a guild, yay perks (mmm, heirloom cloaks of awesome and rep gains). Baradin Hold guy is on farm, and best of all, I get to be disc again!!

I've never really been comfortable as holy, and well, last night my raid leader asked if I wouldn't mind switching back. Of course she asked in the middle of the raid, so I did my best to set a time record for respecing, reglyphing, redoing my bars, and redoing my vuhdo.  We got much further once I went back to disc, and my comfort level was higher.

I do think this experiment with holy was good for me. I'm now much more familiar with my group-healing tools, and I've gotten a new understanding of why I hate Chakra. The number of times I've yelled FUCK! as Chakra falls off just as I'm casting Holy Word:Sanctuary, well, it's in the hundreds. I will miss my Lightwell, and the lovely massive group heals, but I have my bubbles back!

Plus, I can go into TB or bgs as disc without feeling useless, and I get to smite. Yup, I went for an Atonement/Smite build, though I don't really have a good sense of how I feel about it yet. Hopefully I can talk some guildies into a heroic or two so I can practice and get a feel for how much healing Atonement does.

In other news, feral kitties are way OP. My lvl 84.6 kitty should not be within a couple k of Lyllea in dps. It just shouldn't happen. Feral dps has grown on me, and I plan to keep the kitty spec, and maybe do resto as well. The tank need's diminished, so I figure I'll do something I know I like, and if we need another bear down the line, heck, bears and kitties have a lot of gear overlap.

I'm still trying to figure out which alt gets leveled after the druid. Garetia's a blast to level, but her alchemy's maxed and there's nothing for her to learn in Twilight Highlands. The pally is not as fun, but I know there's blacksmithing and engineering patterns to unlock there. And then there's the dark horse DK, since there's enchanting patterns in Twilight too.

And some fun stuff. First, Monera got a title (she's the kitty in the center)..
And Lyllea finally got that rare spawn killed and thus a new pet...
If you're wondering, that's Jadefang, the only green shale spider, and she drops the Tiny Shale Spider pet, who looks just like her, but tiny.

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