Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3.1 so far...

Well, it's been a day or so since the servers came up. So far it's a mixed bag.

Instances are really buggy. Really buggy. Like half my guild got stuck in Naxx for several hours buggy.

Fishing is now awesome. The shorter time makes it much more like herbalism. I see a pool, I fish the pool, I move on.

Garetia is now dual-speced. And I am officially bankrupt again. In fact, I didn't have enough to dual spec her until earlier this evening (potion sales + power-questing for the win).

I adore the marksman bug. Can I keep it, Blizz? Please? It completely makes up for practically requiring us to take Efficiency and rapid recuperation. (40% mana loss in one pull + extremely slow mana regen out of combat does not a happy hunter make)

Argent Tournament is good so far. Just one more day till I get enough to go up a rank. I think I'd like it better if I could choose factions from the start though. I don't need any rep with Darn (maxed and have been since 40s).

New fishing dailies seem fun. I like the rewards.

Boo for not being able to learn Call Stabled Pet till 80. So a hunter can dual-spec at 40 and not be able to switch out pets at will. That makes no sense.

Servers are laggy and buggy.

I have a new cat. Pitch from the Basin. He's now my BM dps.

Mounts in water are nice.

The mana regen nerf is PAINFUL at lower levels. I don't think I've ever used the health for mana thing so much. Not your best idea, Blizz, nerfing all mana-using classes. I'm actually afraid to try my pally or priest or druid now. But mostly the pally (who already had mana issues).

Oh, and my warlock hit 25 and Garetia hit 79. Only 1 more level to go!

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