Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RL update and to hit

Okay, so RL stuff....

I am scheduled for surgery next week. I will be spending several days in the hospital, and so there will not be any blog posts for a bit. I have one in the pipe, and I will try to get another done (about children's week pets or my second week in Naxx, or something else).

Now, back to Wow.
Part of the fun/evil of gearing up is dealing with stats. Your primary as a hunter is to hit. Unless you are at hit cap, there is no sense worrying about any other stat. After all, to hit controls whether you miss bosses or hit them, and if you're missing, all the attack power and agility in the world will not save your dps.

Now, Naxx was ridiculously good to me last week. Insanely good. I got... a bow, 3 pieces of tier 8 (shoulders, head, and pants) a shiny necklace, a rogue dagger (we didn't have any rogues or other hunters), and a quest item. Now, if you check my current armory, I don't have my shiny head and shoulders equipped. Why?

To hit. My shoulders and head piece contribute around 80 points to my to hit. As much damage as those shiny tier pieces would do, and as much as I want to replace my green helmet, I can't do it.

So, what can I do? Well, there is a nice to hit trinket from Heroic Nexus (Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood) and there are enchants. There are also a pair of shiny rings that hopefully your neighborhood jewelcrafter will be willing to make...
The Ring of Northern Tears
The Ring of Scarlet Shadows. There's also some rep gear options (I'm using the walrus people polearm) but I kinda stink at remembering to do dailies.

Now, the first ring has some spellpower on it, but it also has a socket and crit. Plus they're both crafted, the mats aren't that bad, and it's something you can very easily do as a new 80. Plus, rings are easy to switch in and out. Pick up a shiny piece of awesome that drops your to hit below cap? Switch in one of these two rings (and resocket gems if needed) and you should be good to go. Added bonus, the mats aren't that bad. On my bank toon I had 160g, and I still have about 80 after getting the mats.

Oh, and hit cap with 3/3 in Focused aim is 163.90, and for no points in Focused Aim it's 262.24. Your pet gets your to hit rounded down. My numbers come from Less QQ, more Pew-pew
Personally, I took the points in Focused Aim so I didn't have to try to get to 263. 164 is much easier to reach, but I have no idea how much dps I may have sacrificed by those 3 talent points, nor do I care. I want my dps to be good, but as long as I am good enough that I don't hurt the raid, I'm happy. After all, for me it is just a game. A fun, engrossing, and wildly entertaining game, yes, but there is a limit to how much stress I am willing to deal with for a game. Atm, if I get over 2k dps I will be insanely happy.

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  1. First: I hope the surgery goes well. =D
    Second: Have you considered dual wielding the Fang of Truth from the Wyrmrest Accord? I was using the same polearm until I hit honored with them, then swapped out. You lose 5 agility, a bunch of stamina, and 4 AP to gain 23 hit rating. I'm guessing if you're not using those, the 40ish stamina was too much to lose. The differences between a raiding hunter and a non-raiding one, I suppose. =D