Thursday, April 23, 2009

The exciting end-game (or what I've been doing since I hit 80)

I've been running heroics at a mad-cap pace. I hooked up with an AWESOME tank and he's been helping me gear up. In that process I have learned a few things...
1. My reflexes stink.
2. I need to figure out keybindings. Right now I use a combo of clicking and keys and it isn't fast enough. I've already rebound my shots to 1-7 and am working on hitting them. I think I need to reorganize them, though. Sigh.
3. My dps in groups without replenishment is MASSIVE suck. MM is still mana-intensive, even with all the efficiency talents.
4. Focused aim is so worth it. I'm now hitcapped (168 with 3/3 focused aim), and I have no enchants or gems. Once I get enchanted I can replace the green ring with spellpower (and quite a bit of to hit which is why I have it). Yay.
5. I need to read more EJ. Lots more. So far today I've discovered 2 things I need to start doing (using readiness and switching aspects to fire chimera)

And I've also...
soloed Underbog (yay for dualspecs)
soloed Strat (I want the mount)
got a shiny new mount...

and ran into a really annoying bug. I'd like my blessing of wisdom to stay on for more than a minute, please.

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  1. Congrats on the gearing up and especially on the turtle mount!

    Are you going with a BM spec for soloing the older dungeons? Which flavor of tenacity pet are you using? I've got a worm, and since 3.1 gave him Thunderstomp, I've had NO problems with him losing aggro. Even when he was 76 taking on lvl 79 and 80 mobs.

    I've not gone back to start going through the old world stuff yet, as Sian is still only 79 and Max (the worm) just hit 78.