Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I dislike this holiday. Mostly because I hate being in direct competition with other players for limited resources. This would be why I do the cooking quests as early in the morning as I can. And with this holiday, the eggs will always be camped. Grr. Azure Watch did seem to be the best place to go, and the back of the town from the forge to the tent is a nice path with lots of eggs, some that are easy to miss if you don't know the spawn points.

But, that said, it's an easy title to get (took me 4 hours) and is one that even the lowbies can achieve (if they don't mind dying in Un'Goro). I like being the Noble, and I would probably like this holiday more if it didn't seem to bring out the worst in people. I saw people do some jerky stuff today (like someone who already had the title trying to steal my spot while I was in it), and I saw some awesome stuff (ty to the nice orc warrior who went afk in Dal in an obvious space and to the undead warlock who waited for my cooldown to end so I could get the bunny ears achievement).

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