Sunday, July 5, 2009


I checked my normal wow community today, and saw a wonderful post about taming a worgen. It pointed me to this blog post and from there to wowhead. Luckily, alpha worg was one of the few HF quests I did not complete.

I quickly respeced to Survival for Wyvern Sting, and wandered off to the Fjord.

I found Garwal with two other hunters. We took turns trying and feigning death when it failed, and on my 4th try...

I HAZ A WORGEN! It's tricky, and in my case it was far more luck than skill. I did switch out my staff for a fishing pole to better control my damage, but expect to take some time on this tame. But but but so worth it. He appears to be a regular wolf as far as skills/training go, and reports indicate that he can be safely leveled. Just stay away from Arenas and you will hopefully have your very own werewolf for years to come.

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  1. Congrats! I plan on attempting to tame him tonight on my alt Horde hunter. Unfortunately, my main did this quest a while ago.