Friday, July 10, 2009

A bit of QQ

I've kinda been avoiding posting this week because well, I didn't want to be all "THEY TOOK MY WORGEN, MAN!" Needless to say, though I respect Blizzard's right to create and enforce the rules in their world, castrating my worgen did not sit well with me.

Instead I thought it might be more interesting to look at why I was angry. And what it comes down to is customization. Right now, the highest dps pet is a wolf. I don't particularly like the wolf models in Wow. I've been running around with a pet I don't like much for weeks just for the dps. So, when I found a wolf skin that I actually liked, that was a big happy. And then Blizzard castrated it. For a short while I was running around with a pet that made me happy and one that was a respectable raid pet all rolled into one.

I'm a nelf hunter. I look like all the other nelf hunters, I'm wearing the same drab armor as all the other hunters, and I have the same pets as all the other hunters. Darn it, I was actually noticeable and interesting for a short while and now it's back to blah.

Or rather mostly blah. I've decided that it is ridiculously stupid for me to run around with a pet that does not make me happy. So for the moment I've pulled out the cat, but long term I'm going to find a ferocity or cunning pet that makes me happy. I'm leaning towards leveling the DH, but I'll hit warcraft pets and see what looks shiny.

And as far as customization goes, Blizz, trust me on this one. Armor dyes. Alchemists make them, and only tailors, leatherworkers, or blacksmiths can apply them (depending on the type of armor).

Also, the ability to turn off my shoulders like I can turn off my helm and cloak. I'd love this. So so much. Why, oh why, are my shoulders so stupid-looking? You have this lovely lithe hunter with close-clinging mail armor, and shoulders I could use as punch bowls (if I removed the spikes). Aesthetically, not a good look.

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