Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Doldrums, grrr

I'm currently trying to fight off the summer doldrums and actually get excited about WoW again. As part of this strategy, I basically play whatever toon I feel like at any given moment. Sadly, this is generally not Garetia. I log on her to raid, and get new eggs. I need to be earning more cash for epic flying and getting the Skyguard rep grind done so I can have a mount once 3.2 hits, but my motivation is nil and it seems stupid to do chores in a game.
On the plus side, my DK finally got her mining to 300 and I can go level in Outlands. Huzzah!

I think part of my problem is 3.2. With the mount changes just around the corner, it seems pointless to be leveling any alts in the twenties. And since most of my alts (and almost all the Alt Project toons) are in the low twenties, well, not much leveling going on. I am pushing the dual-boxing toons, because they're on a deadline and I want to get two more pairs to 60 before RAF runs out. But even there, I play for a bit, get a level or two, and go do something else. I want to get them to 60, I really do, but leveling just seems so painful right now. Sigh.

I did find something new and interesting. The Azeroth Advisor. I like the newsletters, and the information about abilities is great. As someone who tends to ignore new abilities, being told what the new stuff is and what it's good for is great. I'm also having a great deal of fun with Inscription. Now, I just need to catch the druid's herbalism back up to her scribing and I should be golden.

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