Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad start, but great finish

It was a good night.
First, I got to dps a Sarth 3D zerg on Garetia. She got 4 achievements at once (the 3 twilight ones and the one for staying out of the fire). That also got her enough emblems to get another piece of tier 9. Yay 2 piece bonus of awesome. I still need to replace her chest and legs and cloak and just about everything else, but at least her gloves and shoulders are good to go.

Then it was time for Old World raiding. Sadly, no one but me and Slack showed up, so I dragged his level 63 arse through Underbog instead. He got some nice drops, including a shammy relic and some awesome pants.

And then, as I was cutting gems for Slack's new pants, a call went out over the raiding alliance channel. They were losing a healer in their alt TOC25/Ony 25/weekly raid, so I went. And I got new pants. Two pairs, one for heals, and one for shadow. I also got enough triumph to get shadow tier, but I got a new wand instead (it was a bigger upgrade for both specs). I'd already broken my tier 9 4 bonus (because tier 10 shadow gloves dropped in a voa run and man those stats are beyond awesome), so I figure I'll try to hang on to the 2 piece bonus instead, or at least until Blizz figures out what they're doing with the tier 10 bonus. I do need to figure out shadowspec gearing beyond "am I hitcapped?" though. Looks like I'll be hitting and doing some reading.

All in all, it was a nice end to a week that hadn't started well on the raiding front.

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