Monday, March 22, 2010

Silly RPness

Dear Garrosh Hellscream,

We have a mutual problem in these blue spacegoat people.  Darnassus was smug in its superiority as the only Alliance capital in Kalimdor, content to watch these idiot humans, dwarves, and gnomes complain about really long flight paths while they paid out the nose for the privilege of doing so.  And now, now, another city threatens our monopoly!

These arrogant drain goats must be stopped.  I understand there is some sort of long-standing enmity between them and your people, something about a massacre?  Or possibly leading your race to its doom?  I confess, I wasn't paying attention when it was explained to me.

Perhaps we could come to some arrangement?  You get rid of the drains, I'll kill all the sindorei.  Mana-addicted pansy deviants, the lots of them.

Fandral Staghelm

PS- Good luck removing your current leader.  I have lots of morrowgrain, and while the strong poison concocted from it does not work on priestesses, I have had some success using it on shamans.

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