Friday, March 26, 2010

Pally Loves Outlands (because if I don't spice up the leveling my brain is going to ooze out my ears)

I've been doing a lot of leveling lately, with brief breaks to get further in Black Temple and convince the Netherwing that they really, really like Garetia. And I started thinking about maybe leveling slightly differently. Both Garetia and Lyllea hit Northrend at 68 and both of them have done far more Northrend quests than Outlands. In fact, Lyllea's only seen Terokkar and Hellfire, while Garetia's a bit more travelled, with Hellfire, Zangermarsh, Nagrand and a dash of Terokkar.

So why not level my next alt exclusively in Outlands till I can't level there no more? There are still green mobs for Garetia at 80 (granted these are mostly elites, but they exist!), and it'd give me a change of location and lore. Plus it'd give me a bit of a roadmap for Loremaster of Outlands, which is the part of the Loremaster achievement that is giving me fits.

Thus, the Pally Loves Outlands idea. Adowa, my pally, is 65 and has just about finished Hellfire (1 or 2 quests from the Loremaster achieve). I'm going to keep her in Outlands until one of two things happens... either a) she gets Loremaster of Outlands, or b) she runs out of ways to gain XP. I'm currently pondering which zone to go to next (between Blade's Edge, Zangermarsh, or Nagrand). I'm going to avoid instances because, well, I don't really like to run dungeons on her. Melee dps not my thing, and pally healing is not fun for me. So no XP from instances, all from questing and killing things. Ideally I'll get enough gold to buy her epic flight before the Netherwing quest line no longer gives XP, but she'll still grind with them to exalted because I can think of nothing more epic than a paladin on a Netherwing drake.

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