Saturday, March 20, 2010

Leveling and heirlooms

Ret pallies, ridiculously op in Outlands?  Yup, and also ridiculously fun.  I have fallen back in love with my pally, and it's a good thing.  She can solo group quests of my level, even if lay on hands is on cooldown.

In an effort to actually get somewhere while leveling, I've decided to concentrate on two toons at a time.  I have 3 currently wandering around Outlands (a pally, a druid, and a dk), 2 hanging out in the 30-40 bracket (mage and shaman) and 2 languishing in the 20-25 range (warrior and rogue).  Since I only have two sets of heirlooms (cloth and plate) and I keep misplacing them by mailing them back and forth, it only makes sense to pick two toons and go with them till 80 or I get bored.   So my paladin is sporting the plate shoulders of ridiculous while slaughtering all of Hellfire, and my shaman has converted to the rat skull look while wondering if whole-scale slaughter is really the solution to Stranglethorn Vale's problems.    

The heirlooms may not be the best-looking gear ever, but their flexibility is wonderful.  The only toon that neither the cloth nor the plate really works for is the rogue, and she's got a dagger and the leather chest.  

In other news, I have something to pimp.  Leveling Azeroth, a new podcast.  And no, I'm not just mentioning it because they think my blog is awesome.  I know these two, and they are both very informative.  

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