Thursday, March 18, 2010

There is no topic, only rambling.

Yay, I have internet again.

So, stuff....

When did they speed up the casting time of Holy Light? It's now faster than Smite. So yay I don't have to wait till I have Borrowed Time to cast it for max dps, but wonder why they did that? And yes, I have figured out how to do max dps as disc. Fear my 1.5k dps!

I also have a new belt and new gloves and some shiny achievements. My raiding alliance ran ICC 25 and got all the way to festergut and got him down to 10%. Basically we've hit the "need more gear to dps better" bump.

And while discussing gear, this tier 10 thing. I've been avoiding tier 10, partly because the stat bonuses are not so shiny, and partly because I'm uncomfortable with this changing of the bonus. I think I'd rather keep my 2 piece tier 9 (and since I'm now running toc 25 weekly I can get the trophies to make it extra shiny) and go for non-tier frost stuff. Like the cloak or my new belt. And it's not like I'm drowning in frost badges (because I am fail at running a daily heroic), so I figure I'll be fine. Still want another piece of tier 10 shadow though for the shiny shiny stats.

While I'm discussing gear, how bout to hit? If a piece has to hit on it, I have a problem. I want int and spellpower and crit and haste, and so do cloth dps. If there's a stat upgrade drop with to hit on it, I more or less have to pass on it, which I'm not thrilled about. Some of the bis stuff (I'm using Bob Turkey's bis list) has to hit. My current plan, such as it is, is to fight for a piece with to hit on it only if it's a big upgrade. And if it comes up, I will say as much.

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