Friday, March 5, 2010

Something I'd like to see in Cataclysm

This was all inspired last night by Matticus tweeting about the celestial horse obviously being a priest mount. It got me to thinking about other classes getting their own mounts and what they might look like. I tried to make sure each class had something unique and cool and something we haven't seen in game before. Ideally you should be able to tell what class is approaching you from quite a long distance away based on their class mount (if that's the mount they're using). Sadly, I didn't quite manage it (stupid horses being so iconic), but I welcome any ideas anyone else has!

Druids-> Well, they already have a travel form and two flight forms, so all they need is an epic ground mount. I'm thinking a recolor of Reins of the Raven Lord would be cool. Green maybe? Or you could get a dryad to ride on or one of the huge tree guys. Or summon something from the Emerald Dream.

Hunters-> So, I have a crazy (but cool) idea. Now we all know the most iconic thing about hunters is their pets. Now imagine getting an item that allowed you to turn one of your stabled pets into a mount. How cool would it be to go riding around on a spirit beast or a corehound? To keep this from being overpoweringly cool, you'd only be able to use the item on one pet at a time and that pet would just be a mount, and could not be used as a normal pet (but would still take up one of those valuable stable slots). But it would allow all those hunters who tamed a really cool pet to show them off, even if they aren't the greatest pet for dpsing.

Mages-> I'm thinking a water elemental for ground mount, and a fire one for flying. Or a large version of the Kirin Tor familiar. Some sort of levitate and a speed spell could also work.

Paladins-> Pegasus. Pegasi? Winged horses. Their ground mounts would stay the same, as I really feel they fit the class well.

Priests-> This one was hard. Obviously they should have wings of pure light (or shadow) for the flying option, but for ground? Mostly when I think of priests and mounts I think of mules, which aren't very epic or cool. Maybe a ball of light (or shadow)?

Rogues-> Something sneaky, like a Fel Reaver! Okay, those are only sneaky in Outlands. Hmm... Well, some sort of shadowstep teleport would be awesome, and fit the flavor of the class, but that wouldn't be a mount. I'd say a big cat because of the prowl bug, but nelves already have cats. Maybe a solid black cat, like a panther and you can stealth while mounted (but you go slower)! A chameleon mount would also be kinda cool. Flying-wise, a glider would be very stealthy, especially if it was painted the colors of the sky.

Shamans-> Earth elemental for ground, air for flying. I was also considering some sort of flying totem, based on the totem art for each race. Both could work. Ghost wolves would also be an option.

Warlocks-> A felhound mount. You know you want one. And for the flying mount, a smaller version of one of those winged demon guys from Hellfire maybe? I can't really come up with a flying demon that seems appropriate. Maybe a winged snake of green fire?

Warriors-> This was the other really hard one. A warrior is such a broad archetype, and most of the obvious mount options have already been done. So what about a chariot? Or a jeep-like contraption, but that doesn't really work for all races. Flying-wise, I think an armored drake would be the way to go.

And I like the mounts DKs have, so I wouldn't change them except to get rid of the screaming sound when you summon the ground mount. I do not like that sound. But, I suppose I should throw them a bone and they could have skeletal drakes.

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