Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Garetia would really do TOC

TOC, the current pinnacle of raiding in Wraith. The shining beacon of hope in Icecrown that drops epics like candy. That really annoying place that makes no sense to my character.

Garetia is a hunter. She has spent her life understanding the ways of Nature and how best to shoot it in the head. She's gotten quite good at this shooting things in the head. And now, she must prove her worth by hitting people with long pointed sticks while fighting on horseback. Obviously, this is not going to work. A new plan is required. Thus I give you...

Garetia's Plan to Defeat the Colosseum Idiots

Step 1: Find a friendly mage or one I can bribe with potions. Maybe Eg or Keera? Convince mage to create water all over the Colosseum floor to make lots and lots of mud, the kind that tries to eat your shoes. The mud is key. I wonder if there's a way to make quicksand out of the floor instead? No, probably not.

Step 2: Get as many rogues and death warrior people as possible. Set them along the edges of the floor. Convince death people that walking in the mud would be bad, but really funny. I might have to bring in some ferals as well, since I don't know that many rogues. Obviously I need to expand my pool of allies.

Step 3: Issue challenge. Mock herald just because. Prove I can shoot an arrow through a 2 inch thick plank of wood. Watch riders come in.

Step 4: Hope riders are a) stuck in mud or b) mount maneuverability is poor. Either way, mage should keep the mud from drying out. Maybe summoning a rainstorm? (Can mages even do that? May need a druid for that bit. Or maybe the mage could explode a water elemental? Or, ooh, frozen mud?)

Step 5: Have the DKs pull the knights off their mounts and engage the little ones. Then send the rogues in. Rogues sap and kick and do all that other stuff to keep the head guys dazed while we see how many arrows we can stick in them. I'm thinking about a hundred would do it. If we knock them into the mud, with all that armor they should have trouble moving about and thus their blows can be easily avoided.

Step 6: Profit, and mock all the idiots who thought mounted combat was the way to go.

(loosely based on the battle of Agincour, where, if I remember correctly, the French knights got slaughtered because they couldn't maneuver in mud. It could work, and it'd certainly be more fun than hitting things with a big stick)

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