Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not about Cataclysm

I could be talking about Cataclysm, but honestly the idea of using focus for hunters depresses me, so instead happy things!

My little priest/druid combo is at 42/41. They're my highest alts ever (DKs don't count). And I even got to heal the first two bosses of Uldaman on the priest. Twice. Once with fail tank.

And today, I am leveling in Feralis. I pull a lvl 48 water elemental, and take it down. Then I manage to pull another and another. Not only do my pair take all 3 down (very slowly and painfully but they go down) but my priest still has 40% mana left. I can't figure out if this pairing is just OP, if the priest is overgeared, or a combo thereof.

And one last thing...

I love Power Word: Shield! (yes, my priest is disc, and wow, it's great for damage prevention).

And if you want to weigh in on the overgeared vs op question, Here's the priest and the druid is here

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