Monday, August 10, 2009

There was no Wow this weekend because....

a) I had a life. I actually managed to get out, have fun, and drink homemade wine. I know, you're all dying of shock.

b) DragonCon. ACK!

c) all of the above.

And the answer is c. I had fun, went to a party, and discovered that with less than a month to go till DragonCon, I am not prepared. (note: Dragoncon is a huge Sci-fi/fantasy/science/gaming/everything else convention in Atlanta. Tom Felton will be there this year. And Patrick Steward. I hope someone warned them about the heat)

So as I frantically try to get 4 costumes together, discover nothing fits (which happens when you lose 50 pounds), and renew my acquaintance with my sewing machine (which hasn't been used in 12 years), plus panic about the fact that I am talking about knitting again in a official capacity when I have yet to make a sweater, I give you random pictures to distract you. Most are from DragonCon last year (except the shawl. The shawl is there because I made it and I like it and I really need to figure out where I put it.) Also, I am not in any of these pictures because I took them all.

Ignore the lack of actual content and enjoy the shiny!

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