Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just when I think I can get out....

Big news. Onyxia will be updated to a lvl 80 raid. With a mount and new loot and everything. On the one hand this makes me hope that Blizz will update more lvl 60 raids (because I hear Molten Core was epic) but on the other, it makes me sad that they're removing the lvl 60 raid. I'd much rather have them do it like this...
leveling raid (aka the original lvl 60)
10 man (lvl 80)
25 man (lvl 80)

But um, Blizz kinda seems to be all about the endgame. And the tournament. (hate the tournament with a firey passion, and I hate everyone who tells me jousting is easy even more. Grr. I stink at melee positioning and I have lousy reflexes.)

Now, a random story. I am a pet collector (68 or 69 at this point) and last night it occurred to me that I hadn't checked the Shat fishing daily quest and I still needed 3 pets from it. I go look, it's Crocolisks, I go get one, and I get Muckbreath's bucket. Which would be insanely yay except for one fact. Muckbreath's the only one I have. So, I log off grumpy and then this morning I found out...

Crocodilisks in the City now has a near 100% drop rate for the fishing pets!

So go forth all ye pet collectors, and all ye who think the baby crocs are cute and get some pets! Personally, I plan to go forth later. Must knit more now, or nap. One of the two.

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