Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Class previews from Cat

Well, I am going to bed because a) I am tired, and b) raid is not happening. And since I ran out of patience to continue leveling Adowa's engineering, I figured I'd go ahead and comment on the shaman and warlock stuff.

Shamans->Healing Rain. It sounds full of awesome. I also like the low-level changes to make enhancement feel different. Oh, and the spirit shield thing sounds nifty. Since my shaman is still a baby, I can't really say how this will change, but I did notice that all the shaman mains in wow_ladies were squealing in joy (except about the cleanse thing) so I'm going to go with yay changes.

Warlocks->Green fire. That's all I saw. Yeah, there was something about soul shards going away (ooh bag space) and being replaced by empowering things and you can only use three of them in a fight but GREEN FIRE!!!!!

And now, some random screenshots to make this post seem longer (and because I must show off)...
My pally has goggles again. All is right with the world.  Plus they're purple.  

Heehee, I love this quest.  Harpoon surfing for the win.

And I have a roflcopter.  How awesome is that?  Who cares that I'm mostly broke now?

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