Friday, April 16, 2010

Druid Forms.

So, Broccoli Form.  You are, no doubt, aware of the big kerfuffle surrounding the announcement that it will have a cooldown in Cataclysm.   Personally, I went yays, but that is a personal reaction.  I understand that many trees are very attached to their tree form, and are rather annoyed about it going away.  So, what can Blizz do to keep the rabid trees happy?  Also, why a tree?

Keeping the trees happy: well, this one isn't hard.  Either a glyph or a talent in the resto tree to remove the cooldown.  It looks like they're leaning in the glyph direction, and I say yay for that.

Why a tree?  Well, I have no idea.  Tree and boomkin puzzle me, to be honest.  I understand being a cat for feral dps (since nelves and tauren lack claws) and I understand a bear for tanking (because bears are hard to kill), but why a tree for healing (a wilting tree at that) and a boomkin for magic dps?  Is the boomkin form supposed to protect the druid from the corrupting effects of using magic?  What's the lore behind tree and boomkin, or is there any at all?

Logically, boomkin and tree just don't make a lot of sense to me, and I do wish that they were making the same changes to boomkin that they are to tree.  Being a boomkin is amusing for about a minute or so, and then it gets old.  Let's face it, boomkin are not intimidating, they're amusing.  Personally, if I'm blasting your face off with the power of nature, I'd like to have the option of looking slightly scary.

Yup, while I hope they keep an option for those diehard broccoli lovers, I'm happy about the change.  And yes, I will say something about the paladin changes, eventually.  I'm trying to really dissect and ponder them before I go spouting off.

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  1. I have to agree! I finally leveled up my druid to 80 and although the boomkin form was fun for a while, its kind of silly to still have to use it. But Blizzard has kind of painted themselves in a corner because a lot of talent bonuses are dependent on those forms to work, like the extra int in Boom form and the extra Healing in tree form, etc.

    If they take away the tree form then you have to still give resto druids a talent that lets them have extra healing ability even when they aren't in tree form otherwise they will pretty much gimp the class to some degree, wouldn't you think?