Thursday, April 8, 2010

Priest Changes in Cat....

The Priest Class Changes for Cat
Blizz decided to post the priest changes at about 3 am my time.  The major thing that stands out to me....

Life Grip.  I know they're not calling it that, but I so called it.  Or rather I wished for it.  Of course what I wanted was a spell to yank the tank back when he'd run out of range, not a spell to pull an idiot out of fire.  So, Blizz, let me get this straight.  There are already too many idiots who stand in fire and expect me to heal through it.  Why should this behavior be encouraged?  I stand in fire, I DIE.  Can we have a stand in fire, take equipment damage mechanic or something?

I can see it being useful for those times you know you're running with someone with high latency or a shit computer, since you can pull them out before they realize they're in the owie.  And yes, I will likely have a ridiculous amount of fun pulling people around in PVP because I can.   Finally, revenge on all those DKs using death grip!

I like the idea of Mind Spike, since shadow dps is really dependent on getting all those dots up.  I'm glad that they recognize that's a bit of a problem.

Inner Will-> For when your group accidentally sets off multiple traps in ICC and has to run AWAY!  Like rocket boots, but replaces Inner Fire.    Though I am not so sure about the instant cast buff.  I suppose it could be nice for shielding.

Bringing back Shadow Word: Death, because the shadow rotation wasn't complicated enough?  Seriously, like I didn't have enough to keep track of as shadow, you want to add something else?

I am unsure about the tank healing thing.  I don't like healing tanks (except in 5 mans).  I like shield-spamming the raid and raid-healing.  And with power word: barrier, it looks like I'll still be able to do that.  Yays.

Not sure about the changes to holy, since I don't play holy.  I am glad that they're trying to make it a bit more interesting to play.  Of course, holy's versatility is both a blessing and a curse, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.
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