Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just need to run Scholo...

And the pally epic mount questline will be done. It's been expensive, but a lot of fun. I even soloed the first boss of Dire Maul (after a quick respec to prot). Some guildies ran me through Strat, and Adowa is also now keyed for both Scholo and Strat. Should make getting the Argent title a bit easier.

It's been a pally kind of week here. I've just been having a ton of fun. I even healed dungeons as holy, which was interesting. Beacon is really kind of nifty, but the time delay is a bit heart-stopping. As far as I can figure, holy 5 man healing goes something like this...
Beacon tank
Flash of light everyone as needed
Run oom
Run into melee and start hitting things for mana regen

I think I'm doing something wrong, since I never ever run oom as ret. But I have 11 levels to figure it out before 80, so I'm not too worried. Plus I'm really enjoying questing right now, so dungeon healing isn't a priority.

I also finally managed to get her engineering over 300. Her blacksmithing is still lagging far behind, mostly due to lack of ore and disinclination to go farm it.

As far as the Cataclysm news goes, I'm waiting to comment on the dispelling changes until after the class previews, or at least till after the priest class preview. I know there's a lot of grumpy shamans out there right now though, and here's hoping that Blizz has some awesomeness in store for you guys to make up for the nerf bat.

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