Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am all for a new tree form, and like an Ancient of War, well that just sounds really cool.  I will be much happier with druid forms if they give the rest of them a facelift.

Yay for trying to make pallies viable raid healers.  I think the trick there's going to be balancing that with their ability to tank heal.  I'd love to see it where a good pally can raid heal a 10 man.  The tanking and dps changes are eh, but I think giving crusader strike early on is a good idea.  The early pally levels are, well, BORING, and getting a button to hit will help.

310% speed mounts now trainable.  Since I don't have a toon with a 310 mount, I don't care all that much, but it will be nice.

I have to say that the more they talk about the revamp of zones, the more I look forward to it.

I want another character slot for Cat, Blizz!  Oh, and new player models.  PLEASE?

As far as sparkleponies go, I want one.  I want to get my baby shammy off her elekk.   It keeps getting her stuck in random places, like bank entrances, covered bridges...

Yes, I am still fail at shadow, and still not in a happy place regarding the main.  I ran Naxx last night, cleared two quarters and Saph and KT, but this was the best moment of the night....

That is a Mr Bigglesworth kill by my Little KT.  It was great.

Oh, and I randomly discovered the Underbelly while taking my druid to get her shoes shined in Threads of Fate.  Weird.

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