Friday, April 16, 2010

personal post

This falls under personal accomplishments, but...

That's 2 dings in a day, and now I have a shaman ready to be dualclassed and a pally only 10 levels away from 80.  And yes, that is Northrend.  I managed to completely forget about the plan to level in Outlands (because well, I was really tired), so I will just have to do it with the DK or the druid.  Probably the DK, as I like running dungeons with the druid.

I am really happy because I'm getting closer and closer to my goal of maxed professions.  To recap I have...
Maxed alchemy, herbalism, inscription, mining, and jewelcrafting.  My engineering's at Northrend levels (350ish), and my enchanting is 400.  Tailoring and leatherworking are waiting on a) the cash to dualspec the shaman resto/elemental and b) getting her to 65ish.  Blacksmithing is in the 180ish range, and skinning is waiting for me to level it on the druid.  Right now my cash reserves are a bit low, but I'm hoping getting the pally to 80 will give me some extra gold, especially since I'm happily questing away rather than dungeon-running.  I haven't done Howling Fjord since my first 80, and it's nice to see all the quests again.

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