Friday, April 30, 2010

Injuries stink

So, lack of posts....

Between a shoulder injury (OWIE) and a migraine that's now a week long (also OWIE) there has been very little computer time and even less wow.  But I promise some sort of entry when I get back from Anachrocon, though it may just be pretty pictures.  Hey, it works for knitting blogs ;)

Oh, and raiding changes.  Yay or boo, depending on my circumstances come Cat.  If my guild actually runs 10mans again, which we kinda have been, then big YAY.  I will have to figure out whether I'm healing as disc (yes, I still have 10man healing fear) or going as shadow (which I still fail at) or switching mains.  But I got some time, and I've got some choices.

And have some pretty screenshots while I sneak off to pack (owie).  Yes, I finally got to run Kara...

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