Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Blogger

Why, oh why, won't you let me comment on my own posts?  GRRRRRRR!  And yes, I am in class and should be busy writing a document on how to construct a widget.

Anyway, this is a response to a comment on my Druid Forms post by Oakstout.

He said...
"I have to agree! I finally leveled up my druid to 80 and although the boomkin form was fun for a while, its kind of silly to still have to use it. But Blizzard has kind of painted themselves in a corner because a lot of talent bonuses are dependent on those forms to work, like the extra int in Boom form and the extra Healing in tree form, etc.

If they take away the tree form then you have to still give resto druids a talent that lets them have extra healing ability even when they aren't in tree form otherwise they will pretty much gimp the class to some degree, wouldn't you think? "

And I say...

I do agree that they'll have to be careful when rebalancing the class, but I suspect that since they're redesigning the tree as well they'll be okay in the end.  Plus they can always fiddle with the mastery bonus to buff further if needed.

And I love the idea of tree form being a bit like heroism, but for when you need more healing now instead of more dps.  In fact, imagine a raid-wide healing buff when a druid shifts into tree form.  That would be very nifty indeed.  I can just hear a healing lead yell "Tree now!" over vent. 

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  1. Ooh!

    You're the first person *I've* seen call treeform like that -- akin to Heroism/Bloodlust or whatever.

    That's a massively interesting way to think about it, at least from my perspective i.e. that of a newish player who hasn't really raided yet and isn't a tree.

    Put like that -- a selectable healing buff -- and you can see some potentially interesting encounter mechanics being designed.