Thursday, May 20, 2010

ACK, my shield has a cooldown!

I respec'd Lyllea from disc/shadow to disc/holy mostly because we're trying toc 10 again tonight and the team of two disc priests wasn't really cutting it.   Okay, so part of that was having a healer and a tank who've never seen toc 10, but still more group healing power would help.

And yes, that was my first impression.  I'm very used to PW:S spam, so this cooldown thing is strange and alien. But I do love circle of healing's group heal and wow, I have a fail angel now.  My tank healing tools kinda stink (I miss my lasers), but Renew is actually half-way decent now.  Still doesn't make up for the shield thing.  
My keybinds haven't changed much (because confusing myself even more would be bad), but I think I need to stick Circle of Healing on its' own, really big bar.  I keep hitting divine hymn or desperate prayer or hymn of hope instead.

As far as I can figure, holy healing goes like this...
Flash heal or renew.  Throw a greater heal if you have 3 stacks of Serendipity (wth is Serendipity?). Repeat till coh off cooldown.  Then coh again.

I am probably vastly oversimplifiying, as I have many more buttons I could be hitting.  And I hear things about Guardian Spirit, so I should probably look into that.

This may end up being a very short-lived respec, or not.  I am supposed to heal ICC 10 on Sat, after all, and having the extra flexibility would be nice.  And I have all this tier 9 gear, might as well use it, right?

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  1. Oooh welcome to Team AoE :)

    Ahem. Well, that's the basic principle yes.

    I know it's always really obnoxious when people rock over to your blog and proceed to give you unasked-for, probably unhelpful advice ... but I may rock over to your blog and give you unasked-for, probably helpful advice?

    Firstly, glyph guardian spirit. GS gives a 40% increase to ALL healing and protects the target if it dies. The glyph means that if the protective element doesn't fire, the cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds. Suddenly you have an amazing oh shit button with a reasonable cooldown. I use it to STOP people dying, not to protect people from dying if that makes sense.

    Secondly, step away from greater heal. No srsly. Step away. It's made of poo. The only possible reason for using it is if you've got 3 stacks of serendipity and your tank healers are slacking/dead/temporarily incapacitated. There's really no reason to use it on an individual raid members - if they're taking THAT much damage they'll be dead by the time you've cast it anyway.

    So basically you want to scatter renews if you're not doing anything else, CoH pretty much whenever it's off CD is there's raid-wide damage, flash heal to maintain your stacks of serendipity and PoH when you have 3 stacks and there's raid wide damage. Remember PoH only heals the target's part so Vuhdo's cluster scanner can be handy.

    I use Power Auras for monitoring my serendipity stacks - I think you'll have my email, if you want my exports, I'm happy to send them.

    If none of this makes sense, feel free to ask questions / throw potatoes at me.

    Also good luck in ICC and sorry for the unasked-for, unhelpful advice.